Simply put...COVID-19 has changed everything! The City of Plano has mandated that all public gatherings are limited to 50 people max. As a church we felt compelled to find a way to gather and still honor the laws of our city. We can't wait to host you and your family this Sunday. 

    Absolutely! Children birth through 5th grade have their own activities designed especially for them. We realize schools have extended their breaks, so our teachers are planning to ensure the weekend experience is intentionally designed to build the faith of your little ones. Just make sure to include them as a part of your registration.

    At Connect Church PLANO, you’ll see all styles of dress. Some will wear suit and tie and dresses and hats for women. Some will wear jeans and t-shirts. To answer your question, choose an outfit you already own, one you feel comfortable in, and join us. (No speedos please, but that’s just a personal request, otherwise, you’ll be fine). 

    Great question! Service will be condensed to 75 minutes and will include worship songs (we provide the lyrics, so you can sing along), a special message from Pastor Ken, and prayer. Our aim is to ensure that our online community feels fully engaged during this time. 

    You will notice that the sancturary will be adjusted to accomondate our new flow of service. We are believing God will overwhelm us with His presence both publicly and digitially. We also encourage you to invite your friends and family to join you in worship online.

    When you enter the building, you will be directed to a seating area for your family.  We will seat people from the front of the room to the back of the room.  After service, we will dismiss you and direct you on exiting the building to ensure a quick, safe exit.

    What a great question! Since we are focusing on engaging our online community, timeliness is of the utmost importance. We will start our LiVE service at 10:30AM with a 5 minute countdown.

    Try your best to arrive as early as you can, we will ensure refreshments are made available upon your arrival. 

    When you arrive, you will be directed to a parking lot.  You will need to wait in your car until we are ready to seat you safely.  When we are ready to seat you, you will be invited to enter.